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Hot topic without new replies   pamela bone

Posted by kerrb at

Sad to see that Pamela Bone is battling cancer and will no longer be
writing for The Age. Her final Age article describes her feelings about
her bat ...

Very sad to hear of the death on Saturday of journalist Pamela Bone. There are many fine tributes to her courage and convictions from these farewells ...
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Hot topic without new replies   one laptop per child

Posted by kerrb at

The one laptop per child project (OLPC) aims to distribute millions of cheap laptops to children in third world countries over the next few yearsManuf ...

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OLPC no longer a disruptive force ...Walter Bender clarifies his reasons for leaving OLPC:What’s
next for OLPC? I would rather OLPC answer for themse ...
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Hot topic without new replies   The Decline of the Democratic Party

Posted by youngmarxist at

The World Socialist Web Site (published by the Trotskyist International Committee of the Fourth International) has an interesting article on the crisi ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Fun with Flashmobs

Posted by youngmarxist at

A flashmob is "a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place,  perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly dispers ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Interesting political blog - The Piping Shrike

Posted by youngmarxist at

I've been reading the (presumably)* South Australian political blog The Piping Shrike for a few months now. It's far more interesting than the usual r ...

Piping Shrike: Funeral Oration for the political classKevin Rudd:... what
we are looking for is also new insights into how we can govern
Australia, ...
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Hot topic without new replies   The Economics of Collective Ownership

Posted by DavidMc at

Here is a short piece on my primary area of interest. I
think readers unfamiliar with the terminology should still get the general


Here's the paper I've been working on for the last 6 months or so.It is called The Economics of Social Ownership and this is how I sum up:

"My posi ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Five Years Later...

Posted by keza at

It’s worth reading Slate’s recent series of articles by a number of “liberal hawks” most of whom now  believe that they were wrong (or at least ...

This post has been sent to our junk forum because it was irrelevant to this thread. It can be read herekeza ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Where have all the intellectuals gone?

Posted by arthur at

I'm only half way through it myself but would just like to strongly recommend reading Frank Furedi's book
Lots to agree with and lots worth replying t ...

Bill, Arthur, would this be the same Frank Furedi that you praise so much?
"Today’s terrorist networks simply lack the intellectual resources to ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Marwan Barghouti

Posted by patrickm at

I’ve been following events in Israel-Palestine for quite
sometime and thought I’d bring these links to everyone’s
attention; as people who haven’t c ...

I've sent this posting by Cyberman to the junk forum.  I did this (a) because it failed to address the substantive issues raised in this thread a ...
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Hot topic without new replies   indigeneous crisis possible solutions

Posted by kerrb at

This thread is for evaluation of proposals for solutions to the indigenous crisis (Australia)other related indigenous threads:saying sorrycrisis in ab ...

These two current documents outline the Cape York Welfare Reform
Project in copious  detail (Aurukun, Coen, Hope Vale, Mossman Gorge)

From th ...
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Hot topic without new replies   fitna removed

Posted by kerrb at

Fitna is an anti-Islam film by Dutch politician Geert Wilders (half a million people voted for him in Dutch elections)It has been removed from the Liv ...

NSA censoring the internet is a very BIG issue.Network solutions is the DNS registrar for the whole of .com .net, .org and also provides registration ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Baathism, Islamism, Nationalism, Secularism etc

Posted by arthur at

This is just to kick off a separate thread for discussions of the nature and relationships between different political and religious tendencies releva ...

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Best.  Compliment.  Ever.Thanks Cyberman!Although it should be clear that Arthur and I have different opinions of the role of Islam in the B ...
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Hot topic without new replies   talk of revolution

Posted by kerrb at

When Change Is Not Enough: Seven Steps to RevolutionAn interesting article for discussion. Read the comments too - the article has already triggered a ...

I'm sorry to spoil the general consensus that Georgi Dimitrov had a special insight into what Fascism was in the 1930's. He was certainly the mouthpie ...
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Hot topic without new replies   obama on race and politics

Posted by kerrb at

barack obama'a speech on race and politics is on you tubejon stewart has a clip from Reverend Wright, ("god damn america") which in part prompted Obam ...

think it's the same old game as here, sit back say nothing and wait for the others to stuff up and the democrats have. ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Iraq developments

Posted by arthur at

As usual I'm finding it difficult to follow whats going on Iraq and in US policy on Iraq closely enough enough to be confident of having correctly see ...

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Thos who wonder why the US economy is tanking should perhaps read this.
First par:"
"The real cost of Iraq

A new book by Joseph Stiglitz, the N ...
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Hot topic without new replies   saying sorry

Posted by kerrb at

The Kevin Rudd apology:1) does not identify the reason some (not all) aboriginal children were stolen - cultural genocide2) says sorry without compens ...

I suppose confronting ones own racism might be relevant to this thread as well. Once again I think that Pearson has a superior analysis here:Today, wh ...
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Hot topic without new replies   "Lancet" study into Iraqi deaths grossly exaggerated: new study estimates 151 000 violent deaths March 03 - June 06

Posted by youngmarxist at

A recent study by the Iraqi Family Health Service, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, estimates that there were 151 000 violent deaths ...

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Steve, I'm sorry if I haven't made myself clear:  the topic of this thread is the cost of the Iraq war, and in particular your question of it's w ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Review of "God's Crucible - Islam and the Making of Europe" in the New Yorker - Muslim revisionism?

Posted by youngmarxist at

Via Opinion Dominion comes news of a review in the New Yorker, by Joan Acocella, of David Levering Lewis' book "God's Crucible: Islam and the Making o ...

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Hot topic without new replies   "The Future of Ideas" available for free download - written by Creative Commons CEO Lawrence Lessig

Posted by youngmarxist at

Via Public Polity:  Creative Commons founder and CEO Lawrence Lessig has recently released his book "The Future of Ideas" for free download (clic ...

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Hot topic without new replies   "Gangreen" has set in

Posted by DavidMc at

It looks like the UK political establishment has got the (green) message:"Yet on BBC's Newsnight the same day as Sachs' lecture, the Secretary of Stat ...

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I'd go along with what you say. For instance there is a finite supply of all natural resources and once they have been used, you a ...
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