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Hot topic without new replies   all that is solid melts into air

Posted by kerrb at

Modern bourgeois society, a society that has conjured up
such gigantic means of production and exchange, is like the sorcerer
who is no longer able ...

Bugger it, I should have checked things more closely. I meant ignorance of Marxism that exists in progressive circles. ...
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Hot topic without new replies   stability is a central issue

Posted by kerrb at

I agree with this perceptive comment (fourth comment down)
by Arthur Dent in the Iraq votes thread at Harry's Place which reminds me that there are m ...

Re Arthurs cooment that the fight is with the mainstream conservative foreign policy establishment: yes indeed, but if this fight is to assist in deve ...
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Hot topic without new replies   think strategically

Posted by kerrb at

Arthur Dent has thrown down the gauntlet at Harry's Place: on the need
to think strategically about what is really happening now in the world:
If yo ...

Arthur Dent continues to lead the way in thinking strategically about the new world situation in vigorous discussion at Harry's Place

To keep up wi ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Bush supports democratic revolution

Posted by kerrb at

George Bush's Inauguration speech 2005
main emphasis is support for democratic revolution, of the struggle for
freedom against tyranny and oppressio ...

Dear Albert
"We're short on debate here so your desire for an argument is welcome".
Thank you. Perhaps something more like a blog would help; e ...
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Hot topic without new replies   the long tail

Posted by kerrb at


As a geek, I have a quick response ready for those who say
to me, “Get a life”. My response is, “I have a life, a virtual life”. The
probl ...

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Hot topic without new replies   sickening defence of murder-suicide fascists

Posted by keza at

In his message Put Humility in Command Alex Block drew my attention to the shameless glorification of suicide bombers by Terry Eagleton in tod ...

I found the piece below on  Butterflies and  and enjoyed it so much I thought I'd stick it  here. 

Oh ...
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Hot topic without new replies   we need marx

Posted by kerrb at

In response to Norm's challenge, Marcus has initiated a discussion of the Communist Manifesto at Harry's Place

We need Marx and Engels because they ...

I've posted the following comment at Harry's Place -  go here to read the full thread

Some of the posts here show that a common misconceptio ...
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Hot topic without new replies   we are all bloggers now

Posted by kerrb at

“We are all New Yorkers now” was a slogan born from
September 11th

“We are all bloggers now” is a good slogan following the
achievements of ...

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Hot topic without new replies   optimists

Posted by kerrb at

 Pamela Bone writes in The Age today, 'And now for the good news', or, also find a copy on Last Superpower, 
that there is much to be optim ...

I liked Bone's article too. Voices of optimism are so rare: in the media, in the schools, and in the popular culture. (It will be interesting to see w ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Union solidarity

Posted by kerrb at

Encouraging to see that the Community and Public Sector Union (Australia) has written a letter of condolence to the Iraqi Federation of Workers' Trade ...

I found this on   Labour Friends of Iraq.     I especially like the last paragraph.

Eric Lee pays tribute to Hadi Saleh: ...
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Hot topic without new replies   information food chain

Posted by kerrb at



All of the services described in this article can be used
without creating your own web ...

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Hot topic without new replies   the first draft of history

Posted by kerrb at




From Dan Gillmor’s blog entry about the Tsunami and Citizen
Journ ...

An article in today's Age, How-citizen-reporters-get-the-news-out-first,  by Hugh Martin adds some flesh and bones to the general trends outlined ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Tsunami

Posted by AlbertLanger at

I'm wondering whether the global response to the Tsunami could indicate another turning point and whether it is possible to win support for a concrete ...

This is slightly off topic but might be better to put here rather than
start a new thread. Ralph Peters has published a piece on the strategic
impor ...
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Hot topic without new replies   BELIEFS ABOUT THE TRUTH

Posted by kerrb at

The Edge group has published the responses of 120 thoughtful
people (biologists, physicists, psychologists, futurists, philosophers etc.) to
this qu ...

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Hot topic without new replies   pseudo left scorned

Posted by kerrb at

writing about the idealist outlook (as distinct from materialist
realism) from an Iraqi who traces his surprise, then frustration, then
a ...

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Hot topic without new replies   obnoxious quotes

Posted by kerrb at

the "revolutionary", the "nature lover" and the "democrat"

the "revolutionary":
"The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not ...

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Hot topic without new replies   One war is dividing into two.

Posted by patrickm at

The anti- Iraq war movement is now, well and truly, trapped
in a quagmire.


The second anniversary of the very big anti-war marches i ...

Yeah, I agree, and i like the extension made by Bill to the question of
responsibility.  Personally, I think that anti-Iraq-war people,
not onl ...
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Hot topic without new replies   The Emperor's New Clothes

Posted by keza at

I just posted a  review of a book  called  Postmodernism disrobed.  It's quite funny but worth some seri ...

Hearing you TOM! Ok, Kerry I just read the review and now I can make a more logical reply. I STILL don't know what postmodernism is and would love to ...
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