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Hot topic without new replies   to each according to their greed

Posted by kerrb at

to each according to their greed by Brendan ONeill, editor of SpikedBrendan ONeill provides a broad brush sketch of the Marxist position in favour of ...

I can understand why you'd like this artice from "spiked",( see Brendon O'Neill and his c ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Iraq war was to shake up middle east...

Posted by arthur at

The CIA official responsible for coordinating pre-war intelligence assessments about Iraq has confirmed the lastsuperpower analysis at the time of the ...

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Going back to Arthur's original post in this thread, I thought this report in the Gulf News of an address made by Iraq's national security advisor, Dr ...
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Hot topic without new replies   As we sleep through yet another election?

Posted by keza at

A Federal Election is about to take place in Australia... but I'm having difficulty paying any real attention to it, knowing as I do that either Kevin ...

dalek:Bill, I was reporting the words of others " According to them the child abuse stuff is a massive beat-up. This is not to say that it is not pres ...
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Hot topic without new replies   A goat for Xmas

Posted by DavidMc at

If Xmas wasn't bad enough, we now have the opportunity to patronize poor people and feel superior at the same time. Here is some ammunition if you run ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Iraq: the good oil

Posted by byork at

I'm moving my post of yesterday from 'Iraqi voting disrupts news reports of bomibings' to this new thread which I'm calling 'Iraq: the good oil'. I'm ...

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November 9, 2007.I am suspending this thread for the time being.  It is now a read-only thread.  Due to the clumsiness of our current forum ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Bourgeois democracy and class dictatorship

Posted by arthur at

In another thread Sydneyguy15 raises the question:How does your analysis of bourgois style democracy fit in with the marxist concept of class dictator ...

I think just using dogma and religiously opposing opposing imperialism as the 3 blind mice do here stems from a lack of vision or understanding of the ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Mark Daily: Why I Joined

Posted by kerrb at

On Jan. 15, Mark Daily, US Army, and three others were killed when a roadside bomb detonated beneath his vehicle in Mosul.Here is a reprint of his rea ...

Your cause of sorrow
Must not be measured by his worth, for then
It hath no end.Christopher Hitchens, on discovering that Mark Daily had been influe ...
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Hot topic without new replies   A more appropriate place

Posted by arthur at

keza:This site was not supposed to be just a forum. The
problems you are trying to deal with will not be solved by creating
threads within the forum ...

The following is a post from Arthur that originally appeared in the "Iraq Developments" thread:_______________________________________________________ ...
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Hot topic without new replies   We're banned in China, apparently

Posted by youngmarxist at

According to this site is banned in China.Their About page says:We’ve opened a website in China and route your url request on ...

It would not surprise me in the least if the fascist Chinese Government had banned the Last Superpower Website. The heirs of Deng want to intellectual ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Who do we dislike more, the ALP or the Greens?

Posted by youngmarxist at

There's a state by-election coming up in my seat of Brisbane Central soon, caused by the retirement of Premier Peter Beattie.Neither the Liberal Party ...

There is absolutely no difference between the Greens and the Labour party. Both represent the elitist ruling classes and therefore both attempt to cou ...
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Hot topic without new replies   white guilt (Shelby Steele)

Posted by kerrb at

White guilt makes our Third World
enemies into colored victims, people whose problems--even the tyrannies
they live under--were created by the histo ...

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dalek:Bill, Both Condilissa Condoleezza  Rice and Colin Powell are on the public record as suporting "Affirmative Action". See  for a 2003 r ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Dialectics

Posted by Anonymous User at

January 7 2006: accidentally brought back to page 1 of the forum  (yet again) this time due to a minor edit...decided to leave it here instead of ...

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Some principles (selected quotes) about dialectics from mao's "On Contradiction"DialecticsThe fundamental cause of the development
of a thing is not ...
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Hot topic without new replies smile Staying in a good yet unruly mood

Posted by keza at

This is a new thread where people can post links to fun/ uplifting/ clever/irreverant - or even just plain silly stuff.  The only criterion is th ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Draining the Swamps

Posted by keza at

Patrick has referred to "draining the swamps" several times in his recent messages - I was thinking that this expression  ma ...

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This opinion poll is worth reading and I'm posting up the link , not because ...
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Hot topic without new replies   One Hundred Thousand March in Yangon (Rangoon), Troops On The Move.

Posted by youngmarxist at

The Associated Press reports, via Five truckloads of soldiers were seen heading
downtown in Myanmar's largest city Tuesday soon after tens ...

Patrick's take on the Burmese situation appears to be confirmed by Reuters - the regime confirms that one person is dead after riot police used "warni ...
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Hot topic without new replies   wealth: the richest 10 percent

Posted by kerrb at

Graph from tuttle's blog and is explained by:The chart shows the share of the richest 10 percent of the American
population in total income – an indi ...

YM wrote (about Postman):I'm relying on ...  an interview that Postman did with the Civic Arts Review on "Television and the Public Decline of Pu ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Iraqi cartoons

Posted by kerrb at ...

Cyberman's link to other people's defeatist cartoons deleted - YM. ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Capital reviewed

Posted by kerrb at

Great review of Marx's Capital by Francis Wheen published at Norm's blog. Here is an extract but don't miss reading the whole thing:

Since the Cold ...

Why if we truly have free enterprise am I not allowed to play around with ledgers and write numbers on them? (Where did the first banknote come from a ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Prostitutes - Pity or Solidarity?

Posted by youngmarxist at

There is an article by Tawfiq Chahboune at the Socialist Unity blog from the UK, partly about the recently-released diaries of Alastair Campbell, a fo ...

No worries about being late, Louisefeminista, we pick up old topics here all the time. Thanks for dropping in to the thread.I was wondering if your po ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Hamas and Egypt

Posted by arthur at

Its still early days but from commentary I've seen so far things are looking pretty good following the Hamas victory in Palestinian elections.

Wors ...

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Posted by bpors at 2006-02-03 04:48 PM

"Actually Arthur, it is a prediction.
True, Iran has been on America's radar. But so has North Korea ...
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