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Hot topic without new replies   Unemployment and revolution

Posted by keza at

I've finally managed to make the whole of the the 1981 paper "Unemploment and Revolution" available on the site.  Below is the Contents page cont ...

I wouldn't say I agreed with everything in this article but, nevertheless, it's really good for you guys! The author does make the point that there ne ...
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Hot topic without new replies   "You hate being affluent? Then swap with us." by Ghanaian film-maker De Roy Kwesi Andrew - article at spiked online

Posted by youngmarxist at

Ghanian film-maker and teacher De Roy Kwesi Andrew writes "You hate being affluent? Then swap with us" at spiked online magazine.  The article de ...

The UNODC moralizing campaign linked does seem to epitomize the pointlessness (indeed corruption) of funding that type of international bucreaucracy.R ...
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Hot topic without new replies   the dotCommunist Manifesto

Posted by kerrb at

I think we should discuss the ideas of Eben MoglenThe dotCommunist Manifesto starts with the text of the Communist Manifesto and merges it with the te ...

moglen versus o'reilly videomoglen
understands the ephemeral and potentially dangerous nature of web2.0
(eg. google aggregates our data centrally in ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Pronoia

Posted by arthur at

Despite lots of really irritating New Age pantheistic nature worshipping and political stupidities I'm finding the book referenced in Liberate Your Im ...

I have watched Doctor Who, on and off, with varying levels of enthusiasm, since the 1960s and I think the current series is the best. It's interesting ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Netroots YearlyKos convention is being broadcast live on the internet - we could do the same thing quite easily

Posted by youngmarxist at

OK, the politics are pretty bland at the YearlyKos convention - it's the right wing (that is, the pro-Democratic-party-at-any-cost wing) of the US ant ...

I looked at a couple of clips (live not running at the moment). Didn't grab me. Wesley Clark speaking as I write. Way of speaking is clear and effecti ...
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Hot topic without new replies   america discovers social class

Posted by kerrb at

yeh, it does seem difficult for americans to talk about social classdanah boyd has been brave and it has struck a nerveViewing American class division ...

In her follow up article danah explains and clarifies why she used the odd  phrases hegemonic and subaltern to categorise class division (for me ...
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Hot topic without new replies   How long can capitalism survive?

Posted by keza at

I've started this new thread  for discussion  issues raised by cyberman  in the global warming thread.  I'll cut and paste the rel ...

Comrade Confused,
To most people, Communism is synonymous with the sort of systems that were in place in Eastern Europe and the USSR.  Howe ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Let's play "Work"

Posted by youngmarxist at


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Hot topic without new replies   Union Solidarity - SMS alerts of pickets

Posted by youngmarxist at

Via (of all places) "Andrew Landeryou's Blog Of Freedom" comes news of the Union Solidarity website, which has set up a system where you can get SMS a ...

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Hot topic without new replies   talking to the right

Posted by keza at

AE Brain  (whose blog description reads: "Intermittent postings from Canberra, Australia on Software Development, Space, Politics, and Interestin ...

Lupin3, I don't have a proper answer to your question thought out yet, but I did have a good discussion with a friend of mine yesterday that helped to ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Spelling out the "draining the swamps" theory

Posted by keza at

This is an attempt by me to spell out the "draining the swamps" argument in one short article.   At the moment there's a lot of material sca ...

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Keza, on of the striking things about the so called "Al Quada" franchise is that it has been so unsuccessful in its stated aims of arousing the A ...
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Hot topic without new replies   leaving the left

Posted by kerrb at

Keith Thompson has created a stir with his article Leaving the left:
I can no longer abide the
simpering voices of self-styled progressives -- p ...

Sorry it should be John Negroponte who was US ambassador to Honduras in the early 80s.  Not Nicaragua. ...
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Hot topic without new replies   What to do about high incomes?

Posted by youngmarxist at

Cyberman wrote:Its a good opportunity to explain
what socialism is about and to explain in practical terms the principle
of 'from each according to ...

There is no way you can tell a person that makes ninty five dollars an hour to change the way they think. Money to them means eveything. In the way th ...
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Hot topic without new replies   industrial relations reforms

Posted by kerrb at

Barry wrote in the Progressing the debate thread:
And what about a practical struggle that is about to occur over the
industrial relations reforms? ...

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Here's a interesting little quote for anyone thinking of applying for a job at the new improved, American managed, almost fully privatised ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Biased ABC & Prime Minister Allawi

Posted by patrickm at

I thought I'd share this reply I wrote to some anti war email I received.
Phony stories from anti war journalists, and the biased ABC (Australian Bro ...

The posts from GuruJane, patrickm and owenss on the current (June 2007) situation in Gaza have been moved to the new Gaza thread. ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Flickr censors users in Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea - and lots of people are angry

Posted by youngmarxist at

About a week ago, the popular photo-sharing website Flickr started censoring users in Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. A rage of protest ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Iraq Intelligence

Posted by arthur at

The US Senate Committee on Intelligence has just released an interesting report on Prewar Intelligence Assessments About Post-war Iraq (10MB .pdf). It ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Sedition

Posted by arthur at

We're so tame, we think this song isn't about us. Anti-Terrorism (2) Act 2005 (327K pdf document)  The pseudos think it's about them.

Actually ...

Sedition is a word we may hear more of it future. At the moment it's applied only to suspected combatants in the so-called 'War on Terror'. Its good t ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Marxism and what will communism be like?

Posted by byork at

The revival of sympathetic interest in Marxism implicit in writings by people like Francis Wheen is also apparent in Europe. Jacques Attali, ...

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David Mc made a comment which cropped up on another thread about the UK SWP being 'social fascists'. I would say that this thread is a more  ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Socialised Medicine

Posted by youngmarxist at

Post by Anita moved from 'industrial relations reform' thread to start this new thread: Hi Cyberman,I don't agree that it's much of a weakness fo ...

Comrade Keza,
You say: The slogan "make the rich pay" is often used in conjunction with demands for better social services and conditions.   ...
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