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Posted by keza at 2006-05-20 04:58 AM


(Intended to be)  a complete set of links to all forum threads which saves having to click from page 1 to page 2, to page 3 etc. 

They don't appear in exactly in the same order  as on the forum pages  because  the order of posts on the forum continually changes (when someone posts a reply to a thread, that thread automatically moves to the top of the forum).

So far it's just a raw list of links  but  we are in the process of developing an annotated guide to the forum in which the links will be categorised and accompanied by some information as to content.

Talk of revolution


Iraq developments

Big Questions

indigenous crisis: possible solutions

saying sorry

Lancet study into Iraqi deaths grossly exaggerated: new study

review of "God's Crucible - Islam and the Making of Europe"

 "The Future of Ideas" available for free download - written by Creative Commons CEO Lawrence Lessig

"Gangreen" has set in

strength and democracy

to each according to their greed

as we sleep through yet another election

a goat for Xmas

bourgeois democracy and class dictatorship

the rules of engagement here

a more appropriate place

we're banned in China apparently

who do we dislike more, the ALP or the Greens?

White guilt (Shelby Steele)

staying in a good yet unruly mood

 One Hundred Thousand March in Yangon (Rangoon), Troops On The Move.

wealth: the richest 10 percent

Prostitutes - Pity or Solidarity?

The Economics of Collective Ownership

"You hate being affluent? Then swap with us." by Ghanaian film-maker De Roy Kwesi Andrew - article at spiked online


Netroots YearlyKos convention is being broadcast live on the internet - we could do the same thing quite easily

america discovers social class

How long can capitalism survive?

 Let's play "Work"

Union Solidarity - SMS alerts of pickets

What to do about high incomes?

Flickr censors users in Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea - and lots of people are angry

Iraq Intelligence

Socialised Medicine

The anti-humanity movement

Gerecht on democracy in Iraq

Taking the Gloves Off

 Photos and video from Labor Day march in Brisbane

Condi and "stability"

  Kleptocratic regimes - why the left opposes them

Freedom and necessity

Bipartisan incoherence

Australian social democrats prepare to welcome Labor's symbolic changes to Industrial Relations laws

 BBC stirs up apathy over 'smart drugs'

End game on Palestine and US Presidency

 Carnival of Socialism - Learning from the Past

 Southpawpunch and "The Wheel" of Names for Left Parties, Grouplets and Sects

Some reflections on the Falklands war and the kitsch-left now by Sean Matgamma at Workers' Liberty

Make your mobile phone beep when new posts and comments appear on Last Superpower

The Freewayblogger - usual anti-war politics, but very effectively and cheaply spread

Egypt: New constitution makes martial law permanent: World Socialist Web Site

Future chocolate: Travel with me on a bittersweet journey through space and time

 Scandal As Melbourne 'Patroit' Landeryou Caught Taking Commie Help When Dishing Dirt On Greens.

Uncomprehending smugness is not an option

Can you keep a secret?

Additions to Bright Future Page

Patently Absurd

the unsane

The future is bright, the road is tortuous

With friends like these


Regional Conference

Hillary Clinton: Year of the Rat

Mark Daily: Why I Joined

USAID Program, Iraq

Opinion Leaders

The word is spiky

Jim Bacon Foundation dinner - auction

Where have all the intellectuals gone?

Iraq: the good oil

After the US elections

Baathism, Islamism, Nationalism, Secularism etc

Announcing the publication of "Bright Future"

An entire article attacking us at Larvatus Prodeo. Excellent!

Delusional Hedgehogs


Progressives should unite against criminals who bomb Iraqi universities

Polls that show 90% of Iraqis want an immediate withdrawal

creating reality or reality based?

Quiksilverhg's accusation: LastSuperpower Anti-Semitic?

one laptop per child

Bush's Address to the Nation

Kevin Rudd's religious thinking

Surge' debate at Larvatus Prodeo

the dotCommunist Manifesto

Optimism at the Edge

draining the swamps in 2007

The property question

Justice for Mulrunji - Aboriginal man killed by policeman, but public prosecutor won't press charges

"False Front: The Left and the "Anti-Imperialist" Right"

Mine your own business

The capitalist welfare state

Thinking about pseudo-left ideology

Gemayel Assasination

As Soon As This Pub Closes...a history of the hundred schools of British Leftism from the fifties to the eighties

the end is nigh

I don't like where you're going, but I like the way you're getting there

Fascism and bourgeois democracy

How Pakistan Tortured My Brother - Les Thomas, brother of "Jihad Jack" Thomas, spoke in Brisbane on Saturday September 23rd

winning in Iraq

Can we talk?

fascism and bourgeois democracy

post capitalism

global warming

Review of "The Wind that Shakes the Barley"

logical fallacies

winning in Iraq

Spelling out the "Draining the swamps" theory

Bush's speeches

Calling it a "war on terror"

Regime change not necessary?????

Middle East Settlement

Israel's POWs

Iraq gov in conflict with the US

Review of new book about the depression

Pamela Bone speaks out

Iraq debate

Aboriginal and NLF flags together at "Taking to the streets" exhibition.

Euston and beyond (new left-liberal site worth debating on)

Spiked survey about the future

What is the pseudo-left?

Das Kapital as art

Wikipedia and the "Right to Revolution" article

Pseudo-left test

Imperialism (and thinking about history)

Conspiracy theories

Australian IR protests

Crisis in Aboriginal communities

Workers Liberty on split in Scottish Socialist Party

Misanthropy keeps people down

Technology and Progress Oct 1979

Respect Activist Dave Hill, touring the world, speaks at Burleigh Heads, Queensland

Religion, Theocracy and the Left at the Drink Soaked Trots

Dr Who/Messiah TV tonight (Sat)

LS RSS feed


Shah's son sniffing around Moscow for support

Dr. Who/Messiah TV tonight (Sat)

West Papua links

East Timor

Unemployment and revolution

McQueen attacks “grouplets”, conservative leftists’ reply fails to win room over at Brisbane Social Forum

Biology, computation and the future

China's Cultural Revolution

US elections

Nepal links 2006

Nature of work

Hegel and the pseudo-left

Policy on Iran

Hamas and Egypt

Jury Info anyone?

Anti-war splits - rationalists vs mythmakers


Buiding democracy in Iraq

Enough is enough

Hurricanes and global warming

Literature about the future

maoism, stalinism and anti-communism

Paper tiger non the prowl

The "new left" is getting organised

Seymour Hersch- will Bush nuke Iraq?

Nothing ever changes

The Lebanese scam

Chomsky - drowning not waving

The Selfish Gene 30 years on

Dyson's Third Heresy: The United states has less than a century left as top nation

violence alert

third anniversary of Iraq war

raw links

18th anniversary of Halabja massacre

They're actually proud of Fukuyama

Censorship on "Fight dem back"

International women's day 2

Poll question

Al-Quaeda losing the initiative?

What is progress?

new economy

international women's day 2006

CodePink on IWD 2006

civil war in Iraq

Canberra actions - lecture by Robert Fisk March 9

site development and political direction



iraq war was to shake up Middle East

backlash against region change

socialism in an age of waiting

Latin America

World development under capitalism

Howard made me do it

Arab liberals' united front

the democratic revoluition at grassroots level



Swamping around

Dawkins: discussion at reddit.com

Region change - they still don't get it


Facing big problems

re coalition government

memes and elements

draining the swamps

what sharon did

announcing the re-publication of "Nazi-Zionist Collaboration"

free speech: blogging

global warming causes cooling

wish people would put their trust in evidence, not in faith, revelation, tradition or authority


Dangerous ideas

fascism and the left


multiculturalism unravels

Iraqi cartoons

crushing rascist scum

writings on politics and religion

Report on racism rally in Brisbane Dec 18 2005

utopian dreams

Seasons's greetings

who links to lastsuperpower

Linton Kwesi Johnson

pamela bone

A New Middle East

Iraq optimism

conversation with Bush

Salman Rushdie on Islam reform

Industrial relations reforms

those who hate wikipedia



The relation between materialism and idealism

TPM Cafe

Revolutionary democracy

The "Kerr coup" - another myth

faster, please

Iraq history

Jordan demonstrates

letter from Sgt Rausch

Deadly stability

Rosa Parks

The Middle East

Adam Michnik

Unite against terror statement

Zawahiri-Zarqawi communique

US policy failure for 60 years - Rice

Purple fingers come out again

Democracy for Iraq was intended

against the Gaia hypothesis

genocide in sudan

Bush strategy: democracy


bird flu


drain the swamps of the Mississippi

katrina photo essay

Christopher Hitchens analyses the left

globalized and loving it

Marxism and what will communism be like?

Hitchens-Galloway debate

Mark Latham's my hero

religious thinking

evolutionary theory

new orleans

A war to be proud of

Mao the monster - gimme a break!

Capital reviewed

New book by Kurdish author

the machine

draining more of the swamp

talking to the right

liberation literature

Marx wins

london calling

letter to Stop the War group

The neuro-learning revolution

Science Issues Cafe

the world is flat

Philosophy from a toilet wall

before the restoration

Marx way ahead

reality TV: iraq style

"all without exceptions, assholes"

hitchens pillories galloway

state of fear

what conservatives hate

Progressing the debate

the future

Talabani is first democratically elected President of Iraq!

Lancet's study- is the 100,000 figure reliable?

leaving the left

bloggers in jail

lizards rule

a show of hands

Vietnam: 30 years since victory

creative destruction

divided and strong

energy policy

United we understand

low literacy despite advanced capitalism

media trends

the war in Iraq - a revolutionary war

17 reasons not to invade

Strange times

Green Nazis

Iraqi voting disrupts news reports of bombings

don't trust the greens

some thoughts on the middle east

celebrate mistakes

news out of iraq

The longing

innovative self-destruction

the kafa revolution

where do laws come from

"the goal- perfect instability"

three hardest words

women in Iraq

all that is holy is profaned

all that is solid melts into air

stability is a central issue

think strategically

the silence of the feminists

Bush supports democratic revolution

the long tail

sickening defence of murder-suicide fascists

we need Marx

we are all bloggers now


union solidarity

information food chain

the first draft of history


beliefs about the truth

pseudo-left scorned

progress, technology, culture

obnoxious quotes

one war is dividing into two  (PM)

The Emperor's New Clothes

Biased ABC & Prime Minister Allawi  (PM)

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