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Announcement   We have a new blog ...this forum is now closed to posting (Announcement)   This topic is sticky

Posted by keza at

I am now closing this forum because we have established a blog  to replace it.You can find the blog here:   http://strangetimes.lastsup ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Bush planned "unnecessary" freedom for MidEast, accuses former aide   This topic is sticky

Posted by youngmarxist at

Former White House press aide Scott McClelland's book "What Happened" has caused a major stir, for its attack on President Bush's deception in the lea ...

Condi lets the cat out of the bag. What do you say about this? (Totally barking mad comes to mind).
So the whole world is to be transformed into the ...
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Announcement   Forum Archive (Announcement)   This topic is sticky

Posted by keza at

____________________(Intended to be)  a complete set of links to all forum threads which saves having to click from page 1 to page 2, to page 3 e ...

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Hot topic without new replies   The Rules of Engagement here   This topic is sticky

Posted by keza at

The purpose of this forum is as a place for serious, high-level 
discussion about what it means to be progressive and left-wing in the
21st cen ...

I have removed a comment by dalek from the "Strength and Democracy" thread, on the grounds that it violates point 1) in this thread:
(1)  Jumpin ...
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Hot topic without new replies   What is the pseudo left?   This topic is sticky

Posted by youngmarxist at

“The pseudo-Left opposes
modernity, development, globalisation, technology and progress.It embraces obscurantism,
relativism, romanticism and even n ...

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Comrade Youngmarxist,
Sorry if I didn't answer you at the time. I wasn't intending to avoid any questions.
1) What reforms would make the worki ...
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Hot topic with new replies   Crisis in Aboriginal communities

Posted by keza at

A couple of days ago Tony Abbott wrote an article in the Age calling for a new "paternalistic approach" toward dysfunctional Aboriginal communities.&n ...

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Bill you have argued that justice is denied in remote aboriginal communities because of white guilt and a lenient attitude taken by the judicial autho ...
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Hot topic with new replies   Blame the pseudo left for high house prices

Posted by DavidMc at

Near the top of the list of the many crimes of the pseudo left we would have to place their success in sending housing prices through the roof.  ...

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 Ive been wondering for a while what the announcement by the Victorian Government of one of the largest land releases in Melbour ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Nepal Links 2006

Posted by anita at

These have been sitting in my folder for a couple of weeks now and I had thought I wanted to write
something as an overview but have found that the s ...

Will post some more links only when i've had a chance to proof them.  For now here are some links and paragraph pastes so that people can get the ...
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Hot topic without new replies   strength and democracy

Posted by kerrb at

owenss wrote (in iraq: the good oil thread):Take democracy, the USA tends to promote democracy when it feels
strong and to promote dictatorship when ...

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Dalek thanks for expressing an opinion about the projected dominance of Japan.
I think that 1935, 1945 and 1965 are all exceptional years and ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Some thoughts on the Middle East.

Posted by patrickm at

It’s clear that the Lastsuperpower ‘drain the swamp’ line has not penetrated any measurable level of the public conscience. I’m not really surprised b ...

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This is really a continuation of the previous correspondence in the Gaza thread. This title seems more appropriate.
It ...
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Hot topic without new replies lightning GAZA

Posted by arthur at

Starting a new topic so discussion won't continue in wrong thread.Events are still unfolding fairly rapidly and I'm hesitant to draw conclusions.I agr ...

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Cyberman says:

 If Bush, or to be more precise, the dominant wing of the  US ruling
class,  had been really serious about pushing ...
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Hot topic without new replies   May 1968

Posted by keza at

Well, the 40th anniversary of May 1968 is here. The events in France were probably the most spectacular,  but the whole of 1968 was a watershed y ...

Cyberman I think you are right to point out that the Communist Party of France and the trade union leadership sold out the events of May 68.
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Hot topic without new replies   Global Warming

Posted by DavidMc at

are “hotting up” on global warming. Gore is just the tip of the iceberg, so to
speak. Demonizing of climate skeptics has reached new heights ...

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Cyberman I am not arguing about the science of nuclear power I am arguing about the political context of the science of nuclear power. You wish t ...
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Hot topic without new replies   MC Hawking - What We Need More Of Is Science

Posted by youngmarxist at

Well known scientist and nerdcore rapper MC Hawking stands up to (well, sits down to) fundamentalism in the name of logic and reason.You can see more ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Brisbane "Anonymous" Anti-Scientology protest, May 10th 2008

Posted by youngmarxist at

I've written a report on the "Anonymous" anti-Scientology protest held in Brisbane, Australia. Click here if you'd like to read it (and watch the vide ...

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Hot topic without new replies   "Fraud. Cheating. Dirty Tricks. Absurdity. And other election news…from Election Journal"

Posted by youngmarxist at

Election Journal is a fascinating look at what can be done to keep elections honest.As I write, primary elections are going on in the state of Indiana ...

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Hot topic without new replies   ice age alarmism

Posted by kerrb at

"I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken."This
is an interesting contrary viewpoint. Human caused increase in C ...

Bill, It could well be that the delay of the phenomena that causes sunspots is holding back the global warming trend by reducing the solar f ...
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Hot topic without new replies   Review of Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" By Doug Henwood in Left Business Observer

Posted by youngmarxist at

Left Business Observer has a critical review of Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Doug Henwood:Naomi Klein made ...

Here is a useful link: think it is important for a genuine left to give critical support to neo ...
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Hot topic without new replies   "Egypt's corrupt bread policies leave a bitter taste" - by Daanish Faruqi in Egypt's Daily Star

Posted by youngmarxist at

Interesting article called Egypt's corrupt bread policies leave a bitter taste which says that food problems in Egypt have a lot to do with corruption ...

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Hot topic without new replies   Stop Me Before I Vote Again - The Book (well, about a third of a book)

Posted by youngmarxist at

Stop Me Before I Vote Again is a website dedicated to stopping the Left in the USA voting for the Democratic Party. While I disagree with their defini ...

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